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NFT for gamification

Metaverse is increasingly being explored by enterprises for onboarding new employees, conducting internal meetings and engaging with clients and analysts.

This new channel offers tremendous opportunities for gamifying interactions. An event- review meeting or a training session hosted on the Metaverse can be architected with elements of gamification such as short burst of contents interspersed with built-in-boasts, interactive games, social currency, instant rewards and recognition.

Here are some ways you can leverage NFTs when you are running a meeting or a training session on the Metaverse.

  1. Ingame Lottery (Spin-a-wheel): Participants in a meeting are greeted with an on-screen intervention which selects random participants and awards them NFT tokens. These NFTs may represent- corporate branded digital artifacts, badges, ownership of avatar wearables etc.

  2. Quiz/Trivia- MooCs often incorporate a short quiz or survey at the end of a learning video or a session. Borrowing from this idea, quizzes can be made more exciting in metaverse training sessions- for instance a pop quiz in the metaverse can reward NFTs to the participants. These NFTs are immediately available as badges or may unlock special in-game artifacts. (These NFTs can be publicly verifiable if the enterprise choses a public blockchain). Participants are positively nudged to check their knowledge/skills in the topics being covered.

  3. Play-to-Earn: gaming world has already devised a mechanism to give incentives to players, buy transferring NFTs and Coins for crossing levels or spending time on the game. The same idea can be used to


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