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Security & Privacy Consideration in Enterprise LLM/GenAI strategy

Enterprise grade Large Language models must ensure security, privacy and security as paramount. Here is a list of security and privacy related considerations for your LLM/GenAI strategy:

Privacy & Consent: Developing an AI strategy involves careful consideration of consent types and permissions. To ensure data privacy when processing data for training an AI model or using it as input for these models, it’s important to protect your data by properly anonymizing and encrypting it and implementing robust access controls. This safeguards sensitive information during training, storage, and inference.

Data Collection and Usage: When using proprietary services available via APIs, it’s crucial to determine the type of data collected and understand if your data will be used for training models or shared with third parties.

Security Assessment: AI models pose security challenges, including data leakage. Generative AI models can memorize and reproduce training data, raising concerns when sensitive or confidential information is included in the training data or prompts. Another security risk to generative AI models is prompt injection, where users insert specific instructions to manipulate the model’s normal behavior. This can lead to various security concerns such as generating malicious code, instructing the agent to provide incorrect information, and revealing confidential data. AI technology shouldn't make it easy for Individuals with malicious intent to exploit this technology to create harmful content.

Intellectual Property Considerations: When utilizing generative AI models for commercial purposes, it’s crucial to carefully consider intellectual property aspects.

Governance: Establishing a framework for data and model governance is crucial. This includes practices such as version control, monitoring, auditing, and defining a data usage policy, ensuring control over your data and models throughout their lifecycle.

Legal considerations (existing and upcoming) extend to generative AI- training and usage. Your LLM strategy must comply with local and international laws.


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